Huntington Beach Junior Guards Portrait Photography

Growing up in Southern California in Orange County there are many activities to get involved with as a child. I was fortunate to get involved with the Huntington Beach city junior lifeguard association. Its a summer program for kids 9-16 to learn about the surf and lifesaving techniques. You also learn about first aid and how to help those in need of help at the beach. This is is probably the best summer program / camp that is offered in Southern California and is a major part of the Orange County lifestyle. Kids will develop their confidence, learn skills needed for the future, and build life long friendships that they will cherish forever. 

I started the program when I was 9 and completed the program at 16 retiring as a captain, the highest level you can achieve. I was very competitive and loved working with friends that enjoyed the excitement of  competition. Because of my love of this program I wanted to provide quality photography for parents of the children of the junior guard program. As a parent I would love to have unique photography of my child in addition to the traditional group photos they take during the program. Having the experience as given me  creative vision how to showcase those that participate in the activities the program offers.

If you have a child involved in this program or any junior guard program in Southern California lets get together and capture unique memories to share with your family and friends!