Hello and welcome to OC Family Photography

My name is Geoffrey Kagy and I have been working with cameras and digital media for over 25 years. I started as an assistant for Jeffery Aron Architectural Photography, I learned much about lighting, visualization, and composition. My style reflects of what I learned from Jeffrey Aron with bold saturated color. Typically I like to shoot in the afternoon and evenings or early morning. If you would prefer a studio setting I can provide settings and even your own ideas!

Now that I have a family, it has motivated me to focus on family photography. Kids are my specialty and I really enjoy the feedback from the parents when they receive their images. I work very well with large groups of people and always aim to satisfy all my clients. I offer my photographic services anything from family portraits, kids and pet portraits, head shots, and senior portraits. We also still provide wedding and engagement sessions.

OC Family Photography is ready to capture your memories.